Connect Out of Home Advertising with Social Media Visualization

November 14, 2022
Posted By: Big Digital

Digital Out of Home Advertising has quickly become one of the most exciting advertising channels available. Digital Out of Home Advertising brings many of the features that make online advertising so appealing, such as data-driven audience targeting, dynamic storytelling, and flexible programming, while cutting through the digital clutter that people experience on their phones and devices all day, every day. Digital Out of Home Advertising reaches them when they’re out in the world, and often in a big, splashy way that they’re not going to miss.

The rapid digitization of outdoor screens has helped usher in rapid growth in the Out of Home Advertising sphere at a time when other forms of media advertising are on the decline. Portable digital billboards are more accessible than ever, and when marketers and brands rent digital signage from BIG Digital, they can harness dynamic content, immersive experiences, and better integration with their digital campaigns.

What Is Social Media Visualization in Out of Home Advertising?

Social media brings a level of engagement, two-way communication, and word-of-mouth advertising that no other channel can replicate. Social media is a critical channel for growing brand awareness and driving traffic. It’s so important that it belongs in all aspects of your campaign.

Integrating social media with Digital Out of Home Advertising can elevate marketing activations, generate buzz, and make your audiences feel closer and more involved with your brand. You also get more bang for your buck when your campaign takes advantage of cross-channel capabilities. You can get more out of your digital assets and online campaign efforts by integrating social media visualization into your next activation.

Social media visualization is where different types of billboards, including video walls and portable digital billboards, display real-time social media feeds (such as a hashtag or your company feed). Whether it’s photos or videos taken at an event or just sharing a hashtag, social media visualization is a great way to incorporate social media in on-site activations.

Start Your Consumer Relationship with Social Media

The goal of an activation isn’t just to push a new product or service. It’s about growing your brand by building a relationship with new consumers. One of the best outcomes you can hope for with an activation is ongoing engagement with a new consumer. Converting a one-time live event into an ongoing social media presence is a major success.

The latest research suggests it takes 5 to 7 impressions for a brand to click in consumers’ minds. Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to land those impressions, and the more engagement your brand gets, the easier it becomes.

Social media visualization can be a powerful tool for converting in-person activations into ongoing social media engagement.

Portable digital billboards featuring a branded social media visualization campaign

Become the Center of Attention: Live Events

Live events are the perfect time to integrate social media visualization. Whether you’re hosting a major activation or using an event like a concert, game, or festival for a sponsorship activation, it’s easy and effective to integrate social media visualization in events signage.

Incorporating social content redirects offline audiences to your social profiles, where they can learn more about you and follow if they connect. It also provides a unique opportunity to extend the reach of your social content into the real world. Give audiences a chance to provide feedback and talk to you. It can be a chance to both build larger connections and learn from the people you’re trying to reach.

When you display your social content at live events, it encourages attendees to join in on the conversation. People love to see that others are talking about what they’re doing, and they don’t want to be left out.

Connecting social media with Digital Out of Home Advertising bridges the digital world with the real one. When you bring the two together, you get more out of both sides of your campaign.

Holiday Activations Target Seasonal Shoppers

As we head into the busiest season in retail, it’s time to unlock the power of holiday activations. It’s the time of year when malls and downtowns become busier than ever, and that makes them ripe for holiday-themed brand activations. Brands that want to reach large volumes of seasonal shoppers have an opportunity to take up space and connect in the real world with audiences out buying gifts.

Holiday activations are all about connecting on an emotional level. They can be feel-good moments that remind audiences what makes the holiday special. They embrace the lights and decorations of the season and add a sense of magic to the early evenings and crowds. In short, they’re a powerful way to associate your brand with the joys of the holidays.

With portable digital billboards, you can integrate social media visualization and real-time sales messaging to make your activation feel responsive and part of something bigger. If you’re planning an event this holiday season, incorporating social media visualization amplifies the feeling that your audience is involved and participating. Social media is a way for your audience members to communicate with each other.

If you want to throw a buzz-worthy holiday activation, connect the dots between experiential marketing and social media. Your activations are valuable assets for social media, but it doesn’t have to be a one-way street. Why not make the most of your combined marketing efforts and bring the two together?

Generating social media content from brand activations is a great way to get more out of your marketing campaigns. Social media visualization can help make that connection by involving real-world audiences right away, encouraging them to get engaged and join the conversation. Get their thoughts, feedback, photos, and video of your next brand activation and the live events you sponsor.

BIG Digital helps you connect your online and offline audiences at live events. Talk to us about incorporating social media visualization as part of your next brand activation. We help you design a social media visualization campaign that will fit seamlessly with any event.