Digital and Interactive Billboards for Your Pop Up Advertising Activations

October 17, 2023
Posted By: Big Digital
A portable digital billboard displays a QR code to enter a contest.

As pop up commerce and advertising activations become more popular, more and more businesses are discovering how effective they can be.

In a survey from 2020, 58% of retail companies who had tried a pop up store would do so again. Pop up activations can be even more targeted, cooperating with events, festivals, sports, concerts, and conferences to capitalize on crowds and contribute to the experience for attendees.

Our portable digital billboards are made to support pop up commerce and advertising activations. Battery-enabled portable digital billboards can be placed anywhere, extend your reach, and incorporate interactivity and gesture and touch-control in any environment. Here’s how digital and interactive billboards can support your next pop up commerce or advertising activation.

How Can Digital Billboards Drive Your Pop Up Activations?

BIG Digital portable digital billboards unlock all kinds of capabilities that your team can use to support pop up commerce and advertising activations in any real-world environment.

#1 Interactive Kiosks

Pop up commerce is an effective strategy for introducing new products to the market or creating familiarity and awareness of your brand in new markets. One tool that can support your brand awareness is the Lift to Learn More kiosk.

Lift and Learn solutions can be added to any digital display and combine the benefits of digitalization with physical products. They can transform retail, event, and brand experiences and support your goals of brand awareness and product launches. All a customer has to do is lift the product, and the digital display can include any information or advertising that you want. Products not triggered by a lift can display Calls to Action, brand messaging, and promotional content to intrigue customers and get them to engage and learn more.

Interactive kiosks can be customized with any kind of display or messaging that you want. Talk to our team at BIG Digital about creating the best experience to support your goals. Interactive kiosks can be fun and engaging, and help you get the word out when you’re approaching a new market or adding to your product line.

Example of Portable Digital Billboard push to merch sales at sports events

#2 Gamification

Gamified marketing is a powerful tactic for activations where your goal is to make an impression and engage with the public out in the real world. Gamification is a powerful way to compete for attention in a crowd. Use gamification to make your pop up stand out at big events like concerts, conferences, and street festivals.

Brands can deploy custom gamification experiences or brand off-the-shelf games to suit their needs. You have options ranging from arcade classics to sports, games of chance, and more complex custom solutions.

Our gamification solutions also enable mobile integration, leaderboards, and gesture control. Use gamification experiences to launch your brand relationship with new audiences.

Gamification example for Subway

#3 Immersive Experiences

Take engagement a step further than gamification with immersive interactive experiences. There are several ways brands can be more immersive in their pop ups. Integrating Augmented Reality with our digital displays can result in innovative, unforgettable experiences that audiences will always associate with your brand. There are tons of ways to create fun, interactive elements and incorporate them into your pop up.

Brands can also make a big splash with interactive projection mapping. Projection mapping allows you to project an image onto just about any 3D surface. It allows brands to interact with buildings and public spaces, and it can be a strategic complement to pop up activations in the right space.

Projection mapping is an eye-catching tool for retail rollouts, and it can be the backbone of immersive experiential marketing.

#4 Self-Serve Kiosks

Self-serve kiosks can open up opportunities for pop ups and activations while reducing money spent on brand ambassadors or sales staff. BIG Digital provides indoor and outdoor interactive kiosks with payment processing that enables self-serve transactions anywhere, anytime. They can take the place of having someone present, or they can be used to augment on-premise staff, such as kiosks that help customers customize the configuration of a major purchase. Self-serve kiosks can also speed things up if you’re running a pop up commerce experience that expects a high volume of interested consumers.

Self-serve kiosks can be used by charities and non-profits as donation kiosks located at major events, institutions, or retail environments. Donation kiosks can help you roll out your holiday season donations campaign.

Example of a Self Serve Donation Kiosk for World Vision

The Value of QR Codes: How QR Code Integration Drives Engagement

The revenge of the QR code has been an incredible story from a technological point of view. The QR code was originally invented in the 1990s in Japan to function as a bar code that could store more data. Later, it became a flash-in-the-pan fad in North America in the early 2010s, with QR codes showing up on T-shirts and subway posters but quickly fading away.

Then came the pandemic, and suddenly, contact-free communication became paramount. People were worried about touching common surfaces – including menus – and the quick and convenient scan of a QR code became incredibly useful.

The usefulness of the QR code has endured, and younger generations use QR codes fluently in both professional and social contexts. If you’re a brand activation agency, QR code integration is now a must.

QR code integration for pop up commerce can serve a number of features. You can use QR codes for purchases, you can use them to drive customers back to your mobile site, and they can become an instant call-to-action. Want customers to sign up for your newsletter to stay in the loop? A QR code makes it a seamless process. Organizers of larger events can also integrate them into their event networks for seamless mobile updates.

QR codes are quick, convenient, and a great way to get more engagement from people passing by a pop up activation. Integrate QR codes with your digital billboard rentals, and people won’t be able to miss them.

Get digital and interactive billboards to support your pop up activations. BIG Digital helps you bring your brand to life and make a lasting impression on the audiences that you engage in the real world.