Digital Video LED Wall Rentals & Installation

Video wall installations create the ideal interactive experience for your brand by giving current and potential customers a chance to explore your company through a visual medium. Our LED wall rental options take your brand to the next level and are perfect for pop-ups, retail storefronts, events and tradeshows.

Indoor and Outdoor Video Wall Rentals

With our fresh take on digital interactive activations, we bring you indoor and outdoor video wall rentals. Our fully integrated services take care of everything from development to execution to installation. Furthermore, our video wall rentals are available to enhance your next event or can be placed in a more permanent location such as your retail store. The digital innovation that video walls provide are second to none because they allow your customers to interact with you in the moment.

LED Wall Rental

Our LED wall rental options give you the opportunity to include touch screen technology into your marketing campaigns. Moreover, you get the added bonus of diverse photo and video kiosks to custom-build a digital and interactive experience for your current and future customers. Through augmented reality, the interactive digital elements of our video wall installations give your brand a showcase that reaches more people.

Our fully interactive solutions are available anywhere in North America. For more information about our video wall installations or LED wall rental options, give us a call today at 888-512-5590 or contact us here.


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