Donation Kiosks Use Case Spotlight: Using Interactive Kiosks for Unique and Seamless Donation Experiences

January 31, 2024
Posted By: Big Digital
Solar powered interactive donation kiosk and QR codes for Fred Victor campaign

Operating a charity or a not-for-profit means that fundraising is always top-of-mind. Secure, consistent funding is the key to doing the important work your organization has set out to do. Steady funding can create a more stable work environment, give you a longer runway for major projects, and help you focus on your mission.

BIG Digital’s industry-leading donation kiosks are innovative fundraising tools used by charities, not-for-profits, museums, hospitals, sports organizations, educational institutions, community centres, and places of worship to activate their brands and maximize donor participation.

Increase Donor Participation and Donation Frequency

Donor retention is one of the key metrics fundraisers use to identify the success of their campaigns and opportunities to improve. Many organizations struggle to maintain donor frequency and persuade new donors to return with new campaigns. A successful baseline for new donor retention is around 45%, a benchmark that many organizations struggle to achieve.

Finding new ways to improve donor participation and frequency can help your organization improve retention. Portable interactive kiosks engage new and returning donors out in the real world, allowing organizations to target them wherever they are. Institutions that see visitors from the general public, like hospitals or places of worship, can create their own communication networks, while non-profits and charities can target events or public places like malls, transit stations, and more as part of their fundraising campaigns.

Interactive Donation Kiosks for rent are a plug-and-play solution to generate more engagement with your campaign. Their flexibility allows you to deploy them wherever they’re needed, whether you’re planning a one-day activation at a particular location or a months-long campaign.

Case Study: World Vision Campaign at the 2023 Grey Cup Festival

At the 2023 Grey Cup Festival, BIG Digital rolled out innovative engagement solutions in support of a campaign designed to raise awareness and support for World Vision. Collaborating with our agency partners, Aardvark, we developed an Augmented Reality photo booth to create a truly unique immersive experience tailored to the 2023 Grey Cup.

The AR-powered photo booth at our outdoor interactive kiosk let fans capture incredible moments with some of their favourite CFL heroes. The campaign generated over 1400 leads and photos in just two days.

By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology into this immersive activation for World Vision, we elevated the CFL’s brand engagement and amplified awareness for one of the world’s most active humanitarian aid organizations.

Immersive AR experience for World Vision at the 2023 Grey Cup

The Advantages of BIG Digital Freestanding Interactive Kiosks

How can BIG Digital’s portable interactive billboards serve charities and not-for-profits? Digital billboards are more than just advertising space. They can also be used as self-serve kiosks that engage potential donors and allow them to make donations in person and on the spot. Self-serve kiosks can reduce labour costs and give people the space they need to explore your brand and your mission on their own without feeling pressured.

1. Solar Powered, Outdoor-Grade Interactive Kiosks

In cooperation with the Fred Victor charitable donations campaign, BIG Digital introduced the world’s first solar-powered, freestanding outdoor digital and interactive billboard. Solar-powered interactive kiosks are a truly sustainable innovation in consumer engagement that allows brands to leverage eco-friendly technology with no electrical usage. Not only are solar-powered interactive kiosks sustainable, but they also allow brands to activate and monetize locations that were previously unutilized due to power constraints.

2. Immersive Donor Experiences

Telling your organization’s story and explaining your mission is critical to the success of your fundraising campaigns. Potential donors are more likely to convert when they see the value of what you do. The problem is that you don’t have long to prove it to them.

Portable digital billboards can display interactive advertising and calls-to-action that will draw attention and get passersby to interact. Activate your brand through immersive visual storytelling and get more potential donors on board.

The interactivity of our digital billboards allows brands to bring potential donors into the experience. They can explore areas of your mission that activate their curiosity, and you can create fun and engaging experiences that maximize donor participation. For your next campaign, make donating a memorable experience with the support and flexibility of portable digital billboards.

3. QR Codes

Not every interaction ends with a donation, and that’s where QR codes can come in. QR codes have become a favourite lead generation technology because they help organizations pivot from Out of Home advertising to mobile and digital, bringing them closer to potential donors.

Many potential donors struggle with making a decision on the fly. They may feel like they need more time to evaluate a brand’s mission, research an organization on their own time, or double-check their monthly budget to make sure they can afford a donation.

Portable digital billboards allow potential donors like these to quickly scan a QR code where they can access your website from their phone or sign up to get more information before they make a decision. It’s a seamless way for organizations to drive lead generation and maximize the ROI of their campaigns, even when they can’t make a conversion immediately.

Augmented Reality photo booth helps fans capture moments with their CFL heroes

4. Pre-Set Donation Amounts

Donors often don’t have enough information to determine confidently how much to donate to make a difference. Pre-set donation amounts can guide them and provide confidence in their decision. These pre-set donation amounts can be programmed into donation kiosks so that all your donors have to do is pick a number and donate.

It always helps to explain what a pre-set amount means to the organization and their mission. Many organizations connect a pre-set amount with one of their key mission goals. Explain the goals and objectives of your campaign to show donors exactly how they’re helping your cause.

5. Tap to Pay

Quick and easy payment is the rule in most retail environments these days, and charitable organizations and not-for-profits need to meet those standards, too. Tap-to-pay processing is the new standard, and BIG Digital interactive kiosks come enabled with contemporary payment processing.

6. Real Time Donation Receipts

One of the advantages that registered charities have when it comes to giving is that they can issue donation receipts. There are often tax credits provided for charitable donations, allowing individual and corporate donors to save on their tax bills.

It’s a key motivation for choosing a qualified charity over other not-for-profit organizations, and charities that streamline a convenient donation receipt system will have an advantage in this segment of donors.

One of the concerns donors have about using interactive digital kiosks to make donations is that they won’t get that receipt. BIG Digital donation kiosks provide real time donation receipts. Donors don’t have to worry about following up with a charitable organization to track down their receipts when they make a donation; they get it right away.

How to Enhance Donor Recognition with Digital Billboards

Portable digital billboards make excellent donation kiosks, but there’s more that they can accomplish. Donor recognition is a big part of operating a charity or not-for-profit. Corporate donors and major private donors want to make sure that they’re recognized for their gifts. Organizations can easily incorporate sponsorship fulfillment and donor recognition into their events and campaigns.

Whatever your organizational goals, from greening solutions to fundraising, portable digital billboards are there to support you. Enhance donor recognition, drive lead generation, and get immediate, on-site donations with the help of BIG Digital.