How BIG Digital Pop-Up Billboards Compare to Traditional Rentals

October 1, 2021
Posted By: Big Digital

The competition for your audience’s attention has never been fiercer. With all the entertainment in the world waiting on their phones, if you want to get their attention, you need to give them a reason to look.

Digital billboards and interactive experiences have become a staple of live events, trade shows, public spaces, retail, institutions, stadiums, and a wide variety of industries. Digital billboards transform any space they’re in, whether you need them for a live event or as a permanent fixture. Interactive digital displays are innovative ways to advertise and engage at live events or give sponsors true value and recognition. Digital billboards provide wayfinding, monetization, or gamification opportunities. They’re an integral part of festivals, concerts, sports, trade shows, and exhibitions.

As the costs of indoor and outdoor digital signage have decreased, the returns have become ever more effective, in no small part thanks to smart technologies like sensors that can enable interactivity and personalized experiences.

As pop-up digital experts, we offer innovative digital signage in Toronto, as well as across North America. We work with stadiums, festivals, commercial businesses, real estate developers, hospitals, travel and hospitality businesses, and many more to transform spaces of all kinds and bring plug-and-play pop-up digital billboards to live events.

What makes BIG Digital different? We’re creating turnkey solutions from ideation to installation. They’re easy to put in place with none of the hassles that usually come with digital signage.

Pop-Up Digital Billboards: Cut Costs, Construction, and Permits

Our pop-up digital billboards are freestanding and certified for winds of up to 160 KPH. That means they can stand up to all but the most damaging weather conditions, with none of the labour costs or on-site engineer certification that usually goes into the construction of video wall rentals. There is no other freestanding product line on the marketplace today.

Traditional video wall rentals require extensive on-site labour to build and deconstruct. It’s expensive and not always the most reliable. Plus, they’re not the most visually appealing. Screens are surrounded by the truss, ballast, and covers, while exposed cables are everywhere.

Our digital signage is ready to go. It’s sleek, sexy, and easy to install. With our Patented forklift or pallet truck approach, it’s installed in minutes with no labour from your team required. All it takes is four easy steps: lift, move, place and activate. BIG Digital handles all of the logistics so you can focus on your event.

Traditional videowall installations require you to get permits for installation and construction. There’s a lot of red tape, dealing with the city, and distractions from your main goal. BIG Digital cuts through the hassles and delivers turnkey pop-up signage right where you need it, when you need it. With our digital signage outdoors, you get your vision anywhere you want.

A New Approach to Experiential Marketing

Digital displays aren’t just a visual experience to be passively enjoyed. One of the biggest capabilities of digital displays is interactive experiences. Photo kiosks, Augmented Reality (AR), gamification, and Lift & Learn kiosks are all creating engaging, fun, and informative experiences at live events and in retail spaces, all while coupling it with data collection and analytics.

Take the AR Fitting Room for micro-retail settings. AR Fitting Rooms allow customers to see what an article of clothing will look like on them by augmenting their live image on-screen. It allows retail settings that wouldn’t normally use fitting rooms, such as stadium merch stores or pop-up micro-boutiques, to let customers try out their products without the space, security, or staffing required to make fitting rooms work.

Brand-centric gamification experiences can light up a brand experience or live event. In a past project, we worked with a major sportswear brand to create a custom touch screen experience that turned users into amateur DJs. By transforming the display into a virtual turntable, we created a one-of-a-kind digital experience that would resonate with our client’s audience (and make it onto their Instagram feeds).

Traditional video wall rentals don’t offer the kind of interactivity that you can expect with our outdoor or indoor digital signage.

On-Site Analytics and Data Collection

In the past, the analytics used to evaluate billboard advertising were limited to factors like traffic data or estimates of how many people actually looked up and saw it. Digital display data collection and analytics have gone way beyond those capabilities.

Digital billboards today are equipped with sensors that gather data from nearby cellphones, giving you access to information such as:

  • Foot traffic
  • Dwell time
  • Visitor flow
  • Engagement
  • Soft Biometrics
  • Visitor Journey Mapping

Using BIG Analytics, it’s easy to capture comprehensive on-site location data. You should know how well pop-up and permanent digital signage displays contribute to your marketing goals.

You can even transform your digital signage into a new revenue stream by adding smart advertising and programmatic, and our white label analytics solution. Our digital billboards and interactive displays allow you to monetize any indoor or outdoor environment, short-term or long-term. Flexible playlists allow you to merge your playlist with third-party advertisers, creating digital signage that’s useful or on-brand for your needs and still an alternative revenue stream.

A Turnkey Approach to Digital Signage

As pop-up digital experts, we bring you a stress-free deployment that includes:

  • Ideation and engineering
  • Software
  • Logistics and integration/installation
  • Round the clock tech support
  • On-site crowd analytics

From the very first steps to post-deployment analytics, our full-service turnkey approach takes the headaches out of digital signage. We’re your partner in creating brand activations, interactive experiences, on-site content delivery, digital kiosks, and more.

Spending on Out of Home Advertising is on the rise as companies look for digital opportunities beyond the internet. Smart, sensor-driven signage has unlocked the potential to target outdoor advertising more than ever. That’s changed the game, bringing data-driven, direct advertising to a sector that was once focused on upper-funnel awareness.

Don’t lose time fumbling with traditional rentals. BIG Digital solutions are sleek and simple to deploy. See why we are the leaders in mobile billboards and interactive experiences.