Pick the Right Type of Digital Billboard for Your Business

September 20, 2021
Posted By: Big Digital

Does your business need digital billboards? In our experience, digital billboards can pay off across industries. It all depends on what you need and how you plan to use them.

Innovative hardware and software developments have changed the game when it comes to digital signage. Today, they’re capable of far more than just replacing print billboards — although they also bring high-quality, eye-catching visuals to the table that are a major upgrade from past out of home advertising.

Digital signage can now provide payment processing, sign up, gamification, Augmented Reality, and much more. The potential to transform public spaces and events is greater than ever.

Digital signage reaches 70% of the public, and two-thirds of people report that it catches their attention. It’s a powerful tool for out of home advertising, in-house marketing for retailers, brand activations, real-time messaging, interactivity, self-service, and creating memorable experiences that will make your guests and audience feel closer to your brand.

Work with a portable digital signage company that makes digital billboard solutions easy. From ideation to installation, BIG Digital brings turnkey digital solutions to your business. Forget about permits, stop worrying about installation, and let BIG Digital handle your digital signage solutions.

Identify Types of Billboards

First, you need to find the right fit for your business. There are two types of digital signage: indoor and outdoor. Indoors, digital billboards excel as interactive nodes, whether you’re using them as self-serve kiosks, integrating online shopping with in-person retail, or adding Augmented Reality to a space. They also provide high-quality visuals that can help communicate your message or stand out in a crowded retail environment.

Outdoor billboards excel at monetization, out of home advertising, and sponsorship fulfillment, but our weather-rated digital outdoor billboards are just as capable of interactivity as indoor solutions.

Both indoor and outdoor solutions are also great for flexible wayfinding signage, especially in stadiums, theaters, convention centers, and venues with regular programming changes.

Industries That Can Make Use of Digital Billboards

In the right hands, digital billboards have the power to transform spaces, events, and experiences. Industries from healthcare and government to event planning and marketing can elevate their projects and create something truly unique with the help of digital billboards.

Outdoor and indoor digital billboards can benefit a long list of industries including:

  • Retail and commercial properties
  • Music festivals, concerts, and stadiums
  • Casinos, amusement parks, and attractions
  • Convention centers and tradeshows
  • Hospitals and healthcare industries
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Smart city developments
  • Government offices

As digital displays become more affordable and easier to implement across environments, they’re quickly becoming industry standard in commercial and public settings. Flexible programming, interactivity, self-check-in menus and concierge services, and gamification potential have opened the doors for widespread applications.

The Best Digital Billboards for Your Business

Let’s take a look at some of BIG Digital’s roster of digital signs for various businesses. We can help you find the right digital sign for your industry and project. Whether you’re looking for a permanent indoor video wall or a pop up rental for brand activations, we have the solution. It’s time to meet the herd.



This outdoor, portable digital billboard is made for immersive interaction and excels at 1-on-1 campaigns. When you want to make a strong connection between your brand and your audience, Kinyei brings beautiful AR, gesture control, and impressive size into an outdoor environment, where it’s rated to withstand winds up to 160 kph. Combine visibility, brightness, and reach.

What businesses can benefit most from Kinyei?

  • Festivals and concerts
  • Marketing agencies and brand activations
  • Retail and hospitality

Image of Kinyei product


In general, Rolo is your best option for digital signage installations. The screen is positioned higher than the Kinyei, which makes it ideal for mass communications and messaging. With 4K resolution, it excels at wayfinding and displaying high-resolution content. Its touch screen makes it an excellent digital kiosk for donations and self-service.

Rolo has widespread application, but it can deliver extra benefits to:

  • Charities, places of worship, and schools
  • Hospitals and healthcare
  • Museums, parks, and historic sites
  • Commercial and residential landlords

Product image of Rolo


The slick and slim Hathi fits well into any indoor space. If footprint is a concern, Hathi slides in wherever you need it. Hathi is especially useful for pop up shops and seasonal retail that only plan to use their space for a limited time and need to make the most of limited square footage. For businesses operating on a temporary basis, renting digital signage is a cost-effective way to attract attention or reduce wait times with a self-serve kiosk.

Hathi is great for:

  • Seasonal and pop up retail
  • Hospitality, festivals, trade shows, and any event that needs check-in solutions
  • University campuses and commercial landlords for wayfinding

Product image of Hathi


The battery-operated Horton is another great product for tight or crowded spaces. Because it is battery-operated, you don’t need to use power cords that can get in the way or require you to take steps to reduce tripping hazard risks. It’s non-intrusive and can be rolled into place wherever you need it.

Horton fits best in situations like:

  • Retail
  • Banks
  • Government service offices


Ellie’s strengths lie in its user-friendly touch interface and landscape orientation, designed for informative campaigns, directories, wayfinding, check-ins, and menus. Ellie helps your audience find answers and gets the best results in:

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • University and workplace campuses
  • Hospitals


When it comes to interactive capabilities, Ruby is one of the best. It’s gesture and touch-enabled, fully packed with Augmented Reality capabilities, mobile integrations, indoor event networking (i.e., real-time messaging and alerts), and self-service payment options.

All of these features make Ruby perfect for:

  • Organizations running on-site donation campaigns
  • Commercial and residential landlords
  • Government service offices
  • Retail and hospitality
  • Universities and campuses

Product image of Ruby

Depending on your business’s needs, any of our digital signs may be the best fit. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor solutions, interactive capabilities, Augmented Reality, wayfinding and real-time messaging, or self-serve menus, BIG Digital makes integration and installation feel seamless. We’ll work with you to find the best solution, whether you’re renting or buying.