Pop-up Brand Activations and Event Networks Use Case: Use Portable Interactive Kiosks and Billboards to Welcome, Engage, Inform and Keep Guests Safe at Your Events

February 9, 2024
Posted By: Big Digital
An interactive kiosk for a Subway activation attracts attention at a Raptors game

Pop-up events can be massive productions, and organizers face unique communications and wayfinding challenges. They need a system for directing and communicating with thousands of guests and attendees and one that they can set up and take down quickly and economically.

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor event, a week-long festival or a single-day pop-up, a conference or a trade show, BIG Digital has solutions that will make running your event easier and increase consumer engagement. Our interactive kiosks and digital billboards equip you with a complete digital communications network designed for indoor or outdoor environments. Our networks can be battery-powered or solar-powered, and they’re all-weather-rated. They can be placed anywhere you need them, while BIG Digital provides indemnity, meaning your organization doesn’t take on any risk.

Event Networks for Pop-up Events

Pop-up events like brand activations and event partnerships can help expand your customer base, build product awareness, and offer exclusive consumer engagement experiences that generate new leads or direct revenue. Whether you’re organizing an activation as part of a larger event or you’re organizing a festival that expects to see tens of thousands of guests, here’s what our digital billboards for event networks can do for your next big event.

Real-Time Messaging

Large events come with unique communication needs. Organizers need to be able to provide real-time messaging to their guests, whether that comes in the form of ads and sponsorship fulfillment, safety alerts, programming changes, or health and safety messaging.


Making sure guests know the program schedule for big, live events has never been easier with a digital event network. Once attendees arrive at a festival and start to enjoy themselves, it’s easy to lose track of time and the events that they’re most excited to see.

Incorporating scheduling and programming information into your digital events networks will be a great reminder for guests when and where their top highlights will be. You can also program scheduling updates, such as delays and last-minute changes, to keep everyone informed and happy. Don’t let fans miss a thing! Make sure your programming is widely available for everyone to see, no matter how much fun they’re having.

Safety Alerts

Major events draw major crowds, and with them come significant safety concerns. A digital events network is a critical piece of security infrastructure that allows organizers to communicate safety information directly and immediately.

Digital signage is one of the most important tools organizers have to make sure that everyone gets the message. You can also integrate mobile messaging to enable mass notifications in the case of a security incident, but it’s important to recognize that not everyone will opt in or sign up for these notifications. You need a solution that everyone in attendance can see.

QR Code Triggers

Sometimes, the best way to communicate with people is directly on their mobile devices. Event networks can make the transition seamless thanks to QR code triggers. All guests need to do is scan a QR code on their phones, and you can communicate directly to their mobiles with whatever you need. Options include safety alerts, scheduling updates, upgrade options, direct sales, and more.

QR codes are also a powerful tool for lead generation, enabling ongoing communication with guests to keep them informed about future events, potential upgrades, exciting partnerships, and everything your event has to offer. Integrate QR code triggers into consumer engagement experiences to


GreenFeeds are messages that encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices. Sustainability messaging can help audience engagement with reminders about how their actions matter and promote greener alternatives that organizers and sponsors can offer. More brands than ever are incorporating sustainability models, and getting consumers on board is a critical part of their success.

Scheduling information integrated into a pop-up event network

More Than a Communication Solution: Drive Revenues with Event Networks

Event networks are more than just communication solutions. They can also become key drivers of revenue growth.

Sponsorship Fulfillment

Event sponsorship is big business, and there are always going to be major brands that want to generate fang engagement on the ground with audiences targeted by music festivals, food truck festivals, live sports, street fairs, and other major events.

While brands are often drawn toward the possibility of hosting in-person activations, major sponsors are also going to want to see their names everywhere. A digital event network lets you fulfill that sponsorship expectation without detracting from information like digital wayfinding or real-time messaging.

Major sponsors can even take this one step further with major installations that are sure to get people’s attention. Big displays like projection mapping can put images or video on large outdoor structures and occupy a significant amount of space.

Ad Revenues

Sponsorship revenues are the lifeblood of many events, providing valuable revenue streams to make future events possible. Event networks give you a way to display dynamic, impactful ads alongside wayfinding, scheduling, and other essential information. Organizers can sell more ad time and space to sponsors, and with a well-designed feed, it doesn’t have to interrupt the delivery of other information. Your event network can and should be flexible.

Upgrades and Direct Sales

Revenue opportunities don’t stop after the tickets have been sold and the sponsors lined up. Many events offer upgraded experiences that attendees may not realize they really want until they get there. VIP experiences and enhanced ticket packages are great upsells that can drive revenue from guests who are already in attendance. Event organizers may also want a way to sell merch.

Instead of paying the labour costs of ticket sellers and setting aside space for ticket upgrades, an interactive digital kiosk can serve all of those functions. Digital kiosks can display upgrade options to make sure that guests know what options are available to them and encourage guests to act by displaying persuasive CTAs. Digital kiosks can integrate with mobile devices for fast-and-easy upsell options.

Pop Up Brand Activations

It’s not just event organizers or venue operators who can capitalize on interactive kiosks. Brands and sponsors can make a splash with interactive kiosks designed to attract attention and draw in the audiences you’re seeking. Interactive kiosks unlock all kinds of potential at pop up brand activations, including direct sales, lead generation, and fostering brand loyalty. Generate leads with QR code triggers or gamification experiences, or use interactive kiosks to get people excited about your next contest or promotion.

When you work with BIG Digital, you get a turn-key event network and pop-up brand activation solutions that work for all kinds of events and venues. Whether you need a single interactive kiosk for a small brand activation or a network of digital billboards capable of communicating to thousands of people in a stadium, arena, or large outdoor venue, BIG Digital has solutions that will make your life easier. Get in touch to talk about event network solutions that deliver.