Portable Digital and Interactive Billboards for AR Experiences

September 8, 2023
Posted By: Big Digital
A woman engages with an AR experience built for L’Oreal’s True Match Foundation

Augmented Reality has opened up new doors for interactivity in brand activations. Augmented Reality is where you overlay digital visual and other sensory elements onto a digital projection of the real world, enhancing what users see, hear, and experience. It can provide new information, create novel experiences, and add an element of surprise to your activation. The technology is a great way to integrate digital interactivity and mobile connection with Out-of-Home advertising campaigns.

Augmented Reality for marketing gives you the opportunity to design an experience that will wow your audience and create a lasting memory.

With the help of BIG Digital, it’s easier than ever to incorporate AR into your activations. Portable digital billboards help you bring more digital connectivity to your in-person activations, allowing you to integrate with consumers’ mobile devices not only to create AR experiences but also to help you connect with consumers long after your campaign is over.

These are just some of the ways that portable digital billboards are bringing new AR experiences to brand activations.

Pop Up Shops

Augmented Reality has created the ability for consumers to envision themselves wearing a product without physical contact needed. That’s opened up huge opportunities for sports and fashion brands.

They can now use portable digital billboards to support pop up shops with AR-powered virtual fitting rooms. A great example is BIG Digital’s virtual fitting room for Rogers, where we created an interactive digital experience that allowed fans to virtually try on Blue Jays gear. With mobile integration, customers can see a projection of themselves taken on their mobile wearing different products.

It gives customers the benefits of a fitting room while allowing vendors to get more out of floor space and reduce on-hand inventory at temporary pop ups and events. AR can be both exciting and help vendors reduce their logistics headaches.

When you’re planning your next pop up, digital billboards are the easiest way to introduce virtual fitting rooms.

Live Activations, Sports and Events

BIG Digital portable digital billboards make set up and takedown easy. Our billboards are the only outdoor portable digital billboards in the world, and you can place them anywhere with confidence and security, knowing that they’re weather-rated and come with indemnity.

BIG Digital has deployed digital billboards for outdoor activations across Canada and the United States, working with brands and marketing agencies to support them at brand activations, concerts, festivals, conferences, trade shows, and more.

Portable digital billboards at live events can be used for virtual fitting rooms, AR-powered gamification, and creating interactive stadium experiences. When it comes to busy live events and environments, digital billboards are a multi-use tool that can get more attention, with AR leading the pack. Digital billboards are here to open up new AR opportunities for your sports sponsorship activations.

Gamification Experiences

Gamification in marketing can take many shapes and forms. There are great strategies for incentivizing frequent engagement and repeat business, but gamification can also be used to create interactive and immersive experiences at Out-of-Home brand activations.

Our portable digital billboards make it easy to incorporate gamification into your activations. We have a library of brandable games and technology that you can use off the shelf, or you can create a completely custom experience. Our portable digital billboards allow brands to incorporate gesture-controlled gameplay and Augmented Reality experiences in their gamification experiences, and they easily integrate with mobile devices to create multi-channel experiences.

An AR experience created for L’Oreal enables users to find their perfect color match

Trade Shows and Conferences

Brands need a plan for differentiating themselves at trade shows and conferences. They’re competing for attention at events with a lot of industry players. Not only do you need to get attention on your products or services, but you may need to convey a lot of information in a short period of time.

One great way to leverage AR at trade shows is to create an augmented reality product demonstration. This is especially useful for products or specialized equipment that can’t easily be demonstrated on the trade show floor or that are complex to explain. With AR, industry experts can see exactly how a product is used and what they gain from it.

Sometimes, it’s easier to show it in action. AR can show your audience exactly what you’re capable of without long-winded and boring explanations.

Immersive Experiences

AR enables you to bring imaginary worlds to life. There have been some great case studies of brands leveraging AR to bring new universes to life. Some of the more notable campaigns have been launched by movies and TV shows known for their unique visual styles and beloved fantasy worlds. Netflix show Stranger Things used AR to launch its fourth season, creating an in-person experience that allows visitors to immerse themselves in the world of the show.

Immersive experiences create a high level of engagement with loyal fans and new audiences. Augmented Reality is one of the best tools available to marketers who want their audiences to feel something magical as they become completely immersed in an experience that they won’t get anywhere else. AR is a tool that can make something special happen that fans won’t ever forget.

Other Ways to Make a Splash in Public Places

The development of Augmented Reality is opening up tons of new possibilities for experiences and marketing tactics out in the real world, including public places. AR is not the only tool that brand agencies can use to get noticed.

Sometimes, you need something big to get noticed. That’s where interactive projection mapping comes in. Projection mapping allows brands to project over massive surfaces, such as buildings and towers. Advances in projection mapping are now allowing projections to respond to touch and movement, opening up even more room for creativity in your next campaign.

Why Use BIG Digital for Augmented Reality Experiences?

The BIG Digital team has worked with top global brands to get more out of their AR experiences. Our portable digital billboards allow campaigns to be executed indoors or outdoors with minimal setup and the full power of Augmented Reality by your side.

Portable digital billboards allow you to integrate multiple features for activations into one. They can incorporate Augmented Reality, digital self-serve kiosks, data collection, gamification, and more onto a single portable display. They can trigger engagement when someone walks by, enable QR code downloads onto mobile devices, create virtual scenes that insert guests and customers into immersive, real-time experiences and promote any brand, service, or product that you need.

Get in touch with BIG Digital today to talk about how Augmented Reality can benefit your brand.