Portable Digital Billboards Offer Eye Level Cutting-Edge Advertising Solutions for Agencies and Brands

February 14, 2023
Posted By: Big Digital
Portable digital billboards deployed for a brand activation at an NHL game

Out of home advertising is going digital. While print materials still dominate in-store and in-person environments, portable digital billboards offer eye level, cutting-edge advertising solutions that are proven to get more attention and influence purchasing decisions.

Digital displays give brands a huge advantage in out of home advertising. Digital billboards cut through the noise and get more attention from passersby, but that’s not all. They provide richer media, programmable messages, and even interactivity. On top of all that, they’re also easier and more affordable to deploy than ever.

Our product line of portable digital billboards now come with more power than ever. They’re not just portable, they’re also unplugged. Our product lines are completely battery-powered, so you can place them anywhere, cord-free. Battery-powered digital billboards can run from 20 to 40 hours on a single charge depending on the model, and are ideal for 1-3 day events.

Whether you’re looking for a cutting-edge advertising solution for an indoor or outdoor environment, integrating portable digital billboards into your next marketing activation will deliver great results.

Eye Level Advertising Solutions

When it comes to merchandising, eye level is buy level, and the same applies to your advertising solutions. The height of a display has a huge impact on how the message is going to be received. Eye level out of home advertising is one of the most powerful tools brands and agencies have at their disposal.

High-profile, street-level outdoor digital signage placed in the direct line of sight of consumers makes the most out of high-traffic areas and gives you an opportunity to make people notice you.

The combination of placement with video, dynamic messaging, and interactivity will have a higher impact on consumers and get your activation or campaign noticed.

Powerful Messaging Supports Brand Activations

Brand activations are how companies meet consumers face-to-face. Global spending on activations has rebounded in a big way as brands get back to small and large-scale experiential marketing. These are opportunities to create human connections. In a digital world, these kinds of experiences stand out in consumers’ memories.

Check our agencies guide to brand activations for more information on how portable digital billboards can be integrated into activation strategies to support your campaign.

Make a Splash at Busy Trade Shows & Events

Trade shows and sponsorships are great opportunities for expanding your business, making connections in your industry, and gaining exposure for your brand. But on the crowded floor of the busy convention center, it can be a challenge to stand out from all of the other booths. It’s up to your marketing team to seize the opportunity. Portable digital signage can help you maximize the time and money you’ve invested into your booth.

Portable digital billboard used in an activation at the Home Show

There are many strategies out there for getting noticed at trade shows. They include unique giveaways, generating buzz, using elements of humour, and sending emails out in advance to generate more visitors once you’re there. By far the best thing you can do for a trade show appearance is to invest in a great display alongside a creative video about your brand or even an interactive experience. Portable digital billboards are a cost-effective way to show off your visual assets and help establish your brand identity and personality. You can even take the creative element to the next level with an interactive experience. The secret to acing a trade show is doing something different that generates buzz and creates a line at your booth.

When it comes to event sponsorships, you’ve got your branding all over the place, but an activation can make something more meaningful happen. The challenge is you may be a sponsor, but you’re not the main event. Maximizing event sponsorship is about finding a way to master in-person engagement. Event sponsorship should focus on the quality of brand impressions, and that means creating an experience like nothing else in your marketing universe.

You can stand out at busy events with a memorable experience, and portable digital billboards make sure that people notice and get intrigued about what you’re offering. Now is the time to pull out all the stops with an experience that will turn heads.

Activation for Sobey’s promoting their Scene Rewards Program using a portable digital billboard

The Benefits of Using Portable Digital Billboards for Advertising

There are plenty of reasons to rent digital displays as a cutting-edge advertising solution for your next event, sponsorship, or trade show. These are some of the benefits digital brings to out of home advertising.

#1 Better Retention and Recall

Digital displays produce far superior results for retention and recall. By some estimates, digital displays capture 400% more views than static advertising, and their recall rate is over 80%. It’s clear that digital displays outperform traditional media.

An impressive eight out of 10 customers choose to enter a store or engagement because of the sign. Improving your visibility with digital displays is an efficient way to improve engagement no matter what your goals are for your campaign.

#2 More Impact on Purchasing Decisions

Almost two-thirds of consumers’ purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale. A digital display can have a huge impact on revenue and sales by directing impactful text, video, and images at the point of sale to influence purchasing decisions. This can be used to huge effect if you’re running a pop-up sale or an in-house activation and want to drive upsells or impulse purchases.

#3 Easy Deployment

Our portable digital billboards are the easiest product on the market to deploy. We offer the only portable outdoor billboards in the world, and you can place them anywhere with 100% confidence in their safety and security.

You don’t have to worry about expensive or time-consuming permits and setup. They can be deployed in just about any environment, exactly where you need them.

#4 Integrate Your Digital Advertising Assets

Portable digital billboards let you integrate all of your digital advertising into out of home advertising. There is no denying that digital advertising has become a significant investment for most companies. From digital video ads to social media, you have a lot in the digital sphere.

With portable digital billboards, you can leverage all of your digital assets in out of home advertising, enabling social media campaign tie-ins and more.

#5 Low Costs

Digital displays are more affordable than ever, and they eliminate a lot of the printing costs that would otherwise come with an activation or event. Save time and cut down on costs with digital signage.

Portable digital billboards are an eye level, cutting-edge advertising solution for all of your activation and event needs. Get in touch with BIG Digital to find out how we can meet all of your digital display needs, from ideation to installation.