Portable Digital & Interactive Billboards for Festivals, Concerts and More

April 18, 2022
Posted By: Big Digital

Festival season is back! Spring is in the air and as the weather warms up everyone is looking forward to a summer packed full of festivals, outdoor concerts, and plenty to do while soaking up the sun.

As audiences look forward to seeing their favorite bands, enjoying new cultural experiences, and getting back to life outdoors, we’re shining the spotlight on what portable digital billboards can do and how they can enhance festivals, concerts, and other outdoor events, such as generate more revenue, keep sponsors happy, and create a safer, better experience for guests.

Easy Set-Up Portable Digital Billboards

A key ingredient when you’re implementing digital signage outdoors is easy set-up and portability. BIG Digital’s line of portable digital billboards is freestanding and certified for winds up to 100 MPH. While competing billboards require expensive truss-based structures that are both complex and unattractive, BIG Digital’s billboards are easily picked up and moved. There’s no need for on-site engineer inspections or complicated assembly.

Mobile digital signage should be easy. Whether it’s a weekend-long festival or a one-night-only event, minimizing set-up times and costs will go a long way toward making your team’s job easier.

Real-Time Communications

Big events come with certain safety risks. Managing those risks can make everyone feel safer and avoid  unnecessary accidents. The most recent concern concert-goers have remains COVID-19, while there are also perennial concerns around crowd control.

Event networks are a system of pop up and permanent digital billboards in venues or at outdoor events that give event producers the ability to communicate real-time alerts, wayfinding, and context messaging to large groups throughout the event.

They can be used for advertising, sponsorship fulfillment, and brand activation as well. Event networks create consistency and coverage throughout your event.

The recent incident at the Astroworld Festival is a good reminder of the importance of having safety protocols for any eventuality, including crowd surges. The ability to deliver real-time communications to a large number of people is an important part of safety planning.

Better Wayfinding, Safer Events

Wayfinding at big, busy events is always a challenge – even more so when the event is outdoors and doesn’t have any built-in wayfinding markers. Portable digital billboards provide the most convenient, flexible wayfinding signage available. They can be placed anywhere you need them, they’re quick and easy to install or move, and they don’t have to be strictly dedicated to wayfinding. With the right format or playlist, they can be integrated with advertising, sponsorship fulfillment, real-time communications, and other messaging. Portable digital billboards can make wayfinding signage multipurpose.

Keep Your Sponsors Happy and Informed

Pre-pandemic, sponsorships for concerts and music festivals were worth $1.4 billion, and with life coming back to normal, sponsorship will continue to play an important role in both the live music business and festivals of all kinds.

From corporate sponsorships to charitable causes, festivals and concerts are a huge opportunity to raise brand awareness, connect brands with a certain kind of lifestyle, and build a loyal following.

But sponsors want to make sure that they’re getting their money’s worth. They want to be front-and-center in recognition of their sponsorship, and they want the analytics to show that they’re achieving the ROI they need to continue their relationship.

BIG Digital portable billboards create impactful sponsorship playlists that provide value to your partners. Sponsorship playlists provide domination experiences to make sure top sponsors get their due. They also offer analytics that can show your sponsors what they’re getting when they work with you.

Pop up digital display set up at an outdoor music festival

Corporate Partners and Brand Activations

In addition to sponsorships, festivals are also an opportunity for sponsors and corporate partners to connect more directly with their followings and potential future customers. They want to associate their brand with everything your event represents.

Portable digital billboards can elevate the best brand activations. They’re easier than ever to implement in out-of-door or pop up environments like festivals and concerts, and they can make activations that much more impactful.

Outdoor interactive billboards up the game when it comes to brand activations. They make activations much more visible and memorable, an important feature in a festival atmosphere where there is so much going on and so much competing for people’s attention.

You have diverse options for enhancing your brand activations. Gamification, augmented reality, and other interactive features help activations stand out in even the busiest environments. BIG Digital’s turn-key approach to brand activations is to create an experience that’s 100% unique and reflective of your vision while integrating your existing web and marketing properties.

Portable digital billboards that were previously unable to create engagement in outdoor settings are now easier than ever.

Make Your Party the Center of the Universe: Interactive Digital Billboards

People look forward to concerts and music festivals for months. They’re huge events, and for eager guests, there’s nothing better than feeling like the party they’re at is the centre of the universe.

One way you can make your event feel like a can’t-miss party is by connecting your social feeds to your digital billboards. By integrating your social feeds at your event, you can share attendees’ photos and event-related content in real time.

It’s a great way to make a live event feel like the center of the universe. It builds excitement, gets guests to snap and share their own photos, and helps build more online buzz for your event.

Generate New Revenue Through Outdoor Advertising

At major events like concerts and festivals, there’s revenue to be generated through outdoor advertising. Our digital billboards provide the flexibility and custom-engineering for event planners to maximize their advertising revenues.

Incorporating advertising into a playlist alongside wayfinding, communication, and sponsorship fulfillment programming makes the most of your investment in portable digital billboards. They don’t have to be limited in the way you use them.

Portable digital billboards are helping event planners make concerts and festivals safer and more fun while opening up new avenues for advertising and sponsorship fulfillment. Share your big idea with BIG Digital to see how we can make it happen.

People standing next to an outdoor advertising sign