Event Marketing Solutions: Advanced Analytics and Tech

Turn your next activation, conference or trade show into a data collection and audience analytics gold mine. Your trade shows, experiential activations and marketing events need real-time analytics and measurement. Whether by improving installations in real-time, or creating new insights for the next event, timely data and statistics for events and experiential activations is essential. BIG Digital’s proprietary event analytics technology and solutions leverage the latest in real-time audience data capture and environment analytics to ensure your investments and measurable and results driven.

Event Analytics Data

Take advantage of Big Digital’s event analytics technology and professional services at your next trade show or pop-up activation, and realize powerful customer analytics for ongoing optimization and ROI measurement. Event analytics are essential for tracking consumer behavior so you can see what’s working and what’s not. As marketing technology experts, Big Digital can turn your next activation, conference or trade show into a data collection ecosystem.

Big Digital Event Marketing Technology

All audio visual and experiential technology companies promise the world but do they all deliver? With Big Digital’s turn-key approach to event and marketing technologies, you get the real-time audience analytics you need to make tangible improvements Analytics data includes:

  • Heat mapping
  • Biometrics insights
  • Audience insights

BIG Digital will design and customize optimized analytics programs that are 100% reflective of your goals and objectives. Our diverse analytics programs are optimized for activations, events and trade-show applications. Give us a call today to discuss your unique data collection and audience analytics needs. Give us a call today at 888-512-5590 or contact us here.


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