Property Development Spotlight: Portable Digital Displays for Condo Developments

January 10, 2022
Posted By: Big Digital

Digital displays have quickly become the new standard in out-of-home advertising, property management, and brand activations. For the condo development industry, they’ve become an integral tool for increasing the appeal of their projects, whether they’re deployed in the showroom, their marketing campaign, or installed in the building itself.

The benefits of digital signage for multiple industries have made digital billboards one of the fastest-growing business trends. In this spotlight, we’re going to focus on what digital displays can do for condo developers, as well as how they can help you reach buyers and agents and increase the value of units.

Digital Signage in Showrooms

Digital signage has already become a staple in high-end auto showrooms. In the condo development industry, they can help bring the showroom to life and give visitors a better appreciation for what it will be like to live in the unit.

The showroom is an essential selling point for early buyers of pre-construction condos. For developers, the showroom has to capture the lifestyle their target buyers want. A showroom needs to show off space, function, the view and offer a chance to sit and experience the unit.

But how do you show off a lifestyle and a view in a ground-floor showroom without any of the neighbors around?

There are many different digital billboard types, and indoor installations can help developers bring their showrooms to life. There are plenty of ways you can use digital displays to paint a fuller picture for prospective buyers. They can be used to recreate the view buyers could expect on the 20th floor – not something you can easily replicate on the ground floor. You can also use digital displays to show off common areas and amenities, such as pools, rooftop terraces, fitness amenities, entertainment rooms, co-working spaces, and more. Buyers want to know all about the amenities on offer. The right amenities can often make the difference between buyers choosing one building over another.

Digital displays don’t always have to be about selling the building, either. Location is such an important factor in buyers’ decision-making processes that you may want to use digital displays to highlight the neighborhood. Condo buyers aren’t just looking for a place that’s close to work. They’re buying into a lifestyle, and the neighborhood is a core part of that experience.

Digital signage helps developers complete the experience within the limited context of the showroom. There’s so much more to a condo than the unit itself, and developers need a way to capture the imaginations of prospective buyers by showing off their luxury amenities and highlights of the local lifestyle.

Unattended outdoor digital kiosks can also keep your sales center running any time of the day or night, in any weather. They can do far more than just advertise your development to passing audiences. Interactive digital billboards are designed to increase engagement and lead generation by booking showings. These portable outdoor billboards can be deployed in any weather, in any location where you have power.

Portable Digital Signage for Brand Activations and Agent Events

The relationship between real estate agent and builder is a crucial one. Builder-hosted events for VIP agents are a chance to sell agents on the best floor plans and prices and jump-start pre-construction sales.

While agents benefit from better access to listings before they open to the general public, developers also have to use these events to get agents excited about their units. Agent events aren’t just an opportunity for agents to learn about building plans or get insights into the neighborhood. These events are also a developer’s opportunity to convince agents that their clients will want to see these units first.

Treating these industry events as a kind of brand activation can help developers inspire that X factor that will motivate agents to prioritize their buildings. The best brand activations create memorable experiences in innovative ways. Custom brand activations at industry events can push your building to the top of agents’ minds when they’re working with their clients.

Whether you’re trying to show off the amenities, the lifestyle, or showcase an up-and-coming location, portable digital signage opens up new opportunities to impress VIP agents and generate more pre-construction sales. Their portability makes them easy to install for industry events, and they can be rented for one-off occasions.

Real estate agents showing condo developments to clients

Portable Outdoor Digital Signage at Development Sites

Development sites themselves attract plenty of attention in the neighborhood, and outdoor digital signage can convert that interest into leads. Outdoor digital signage lets you preview units at the site itself, attracting audiences who already live, work, and play in the area. QR code engagement allows potential buyers to make “More Info” requests and take your marketing campaign with them.

Our outdoor digital signage also provides real-time insights and data analytics into visitor statistics without collecting any private data. See how many visitors view your marketing campaigns, how many vehicles or pedestrians pass by your on-site digital signage, and capture dwell times to evaluate engagement.

Portable outdoor digital signage can be reused at multiple development sites or properties. You can use them anywhere that you have power, stretching your ROI across multiple development projects. Because they can be situated anywhere, they can also serve multiple use cases, such as shifting from a sales center or lead generation to wayfinding and advertising in a completed development.

Indoor Digital Signage in Luxury Condo Developments

Luxury developments are investing in digital technology to elevate the living experience and make sure their locations stand out on a crowded market. Digital signage located in lobbies, elevators, and other common spaces can help property managers communicate real-time building announcements to residents.

They can also provide streamlined communication between residents and property managers when integrated with resident portals. Resident portals are increasingly being used to simplify service requests, parcel notifications, and communications that keep residents aware of what’s happening in the building.

Property managers are even using indoor digital signage to create engaging experiences in common areas such as the lobby. Such experiences can help make residents and guests feel like common dwell times (such as waiting for the elevator) are going by faster. It’s a subtle element that can elevate a space from the minute residents step through the front doors.

Residents also appreciate strategically placed, high-resolution screens in high-traffic areas that display information like weather conditions, news, and traffic, in addition to building announcements.

The importance of making sure residents receive building communications has also never been more important than during COVID-19, as mask mandates, social distancing policies, elevator capacity limits, and other public health measures have become an essential part of high-rise living. There’s a high demand among condo buyers and investors for clear communications between property managers, residents, and guests.

Neighborhood Based Advertising

Another feature developers and property managers have been adding is neighborhood based advertising in condo developments. Neighborhood based advertising features local shops, restaurants, pubs, gyms, and all the other businesses that give the neighborhood its identity. Integrating neighborhood based advertising in lobbies and elevators helps residents explore and discover new things in their local area while making them feel more connected to their new homes.

Digital displays can help property developers with pre-construction sales as well as the long-term appeal of their buildings. Whether you’re looking to rent portable digital signs for an agent event or install permanent displays in lobbies or elevators, talk to BIG Digital about the right solution for your needs.