Spotlight on Golf: Innovation in Communication

July 7, 2023
Posted By: Big Digital
Portable digital billboard offering clubhouse pre orders on the green

Golf courses and tournaments face some unique challenges when it comes to communicating with members, guests, audiences, and tournament participants. They need to find reliable ways to communicate in outdoor environments that won’t disrupt the course or tournament and that can be moved and adjusted as needed.

Allow us to introduce the latest innovation in outdoor digital signage, the portable digital billboard. BIG Digital portable digital billboards were made for the outdoor environment. They’re weather-rated for winds up to 160 kilometres an hour, purpose-built to be moved around and handle vibrations, and they require zero on-site assembly or labour. Our plug-and-play digital billboards are mobile, interactive, and protect you from any potential risks.

If you operate a golf course, organize a golf tournament, or are planning a brand or sponsorship activation in the golf world, it’s time for you to learn about how portable digital billboards can drive new revenue and overcome common communication challenges in the field.

How Can Portable Digital Billboards Drive New Revenues in Golf?

Portable digital billboards allow you to create new profit centers anywhere on the course. These are just some of the ways you can leverage portable digital billboards to increase sales.

Food and Beverage Sales

Food and beverage sales are an easy target for golf courses looking to increase their non-golf revenues. According to one study of key benchmarks across the golf industry, the cost of food and beverage sales at both public and private golf courses is considerably lower than merchandise, and increasing sales here is great for profit margins.

Portable digital billboards can do everything from advertising food and beverage promotions to enabling on-the-green ordering.

Ticket and Membership Upgrades

Make ticket and membership upgrades easy for people to access. You can turn portable digital billboards into your upselling center, where members can quickly upgrade their membership for perks and add-ons, guest passes, or upgrades to their tournament tickets. Portable digital billboards don’t just advertise upgrades; they can also be integrated with mobile or turned into points of payment for fans and members to get upgrades right away.

Portable digital billboard with QR code upsells gift cards in the clubhouse

Contests and Promotions

Our portable digital portables provide eye-level engagement to members and tournament fans in outdoor environments. Eye-level digital content is better at grabbing guests’ attention than static ads ever could. The next time you run a contest or promotion at your course, advertising on portable digital billboards will make sure everybody knows.

Pop Up Commerce

Hosting a tournament or a promotional weekend that gets more people out is a great opportunity to incorporate pop up commerce and marketing activations. Partner up with businesses in the golf industry, like equipment suppliers or fashion retailers looking to expand their brands or introduce products by meeting golfers out in the open. Pop up commerce is a great way to drum up excitement for a retailer testing out new products or trying out a new market before opening a brick-and-mortar location.

50/50 Draws

A 50/50 draw is a great way to generate excitement around a special event with the promise of a major cash prize. In a 50/50 draw, participants buy tickets at a set price, and tickets are randomly drawn. The winner receives half of the pot, with the other half going to the organizer. It skips the risky and time-consuming prize procurement process.

Charity 50 50 raffle promoted on a portable digital billboard

Tournament Sponsorship Fulfillment

Tournament sponsors want to make sure that their names are front and centre at the big event. Portable digital billboards put event sponsors out there and on the course. Make sure they know they’re getting a great ROI for sponsoring your event.

How Portable Digital Billboards Offer Innovation in Communication

Portable digital billboards are not just revenue generators; they can also take on a big role in your communications network. They go wherever your guests are and can help you overcome your biggest communications challenges.

Golf Tournament Event Networks

Event networks help you deliver premium ad placements and provide top-tier sponsor recognition in an outdoor environment.

Portable digital billboards can help sponsors and branding agencies transform their marketing efforts at golf tournaments and other events. They can be crucial for creating experiential advertising campaigns or creating gamification experiences. When you or your sponsors want to create a one-of-a-kind experience, including gamification or AR technology that can make reality gamified, portable digital billboards help you do it all, wherever you need to go.

Health & Safety Messaging

Portable digital billboards get your messaging where you need it. Health and safety messaging is critical to keep guests safe and informed no matter what’s happening. While the pandemic heightened everyone’s awareness of the need to communicate public health messages and regulations in a way that makes everyone aware, golf courses can also use their communications infrastructure to keep members informed about what to do in the event of extreme weather events and other situations.


Easy-to-understand, noticeable wayfinding can make a huge difference on the golf course. Guests and members are happier when they have clear directions to facilities, the next hole, or how to get back to the lounge.

ESG Messaging

The golf industry is at a crossroads where more and more of their members want their clubs and courses to invest in ways to combat climate change and reduce their impact on the environment. The golf industry is responding by investing in sustainable equipment, more eco-friendly course management techniques, and increasing their community and social commitments. The Golf Environment Organization (GEO) is helping golf businesses achieve better standards for golf sustainability through certification programs. Private and public courses that achieve these standards want their members and guests to know about it.

Incorporate ESG messaging into your communications network so that your guests know that you’re doing your part to reduce waste and increase the sustainability of not just your course but the game as a whole.

As a Toronto billboard rental company that serves agencies and partners across North America, BIG Digital has the outdoor signage solution golf courses and tournaments need to uplift sales and overcome their most challenging communications obstacles. Talk to us about turn-key portable digital billboard solutions that work for you!