The BIG Digital Process: What It’s Like to Work with Us

October 15, 2021
Posted By: Big Digital

Pop up digital billboards amp up your live events and take brand activations to the next level. They’re flexible, attention-grabbing solutions that can be adapted to fit a wide range of industry goals. Whether you’re looking to engage more closely with your audience, fulfil sponsorship obligations, create self-serve or payment processing kiosks, or provide wayfinding solutions for guests, digital billboards get the job done.

At BIG Digital, we want to make installing a pop up digital billboard at your events and brand activations as easy as possible. We offer turn-key solutions from start to finish so that you can seamlessly integrate digital signage. We handle your digital signage solutions while you can focus on what’s really important: planning a next-level event.

We want to walk you through the BIG Digital process from start to finish. When you work with us for your outdoor and pop up indoor digital signage needs, you get the perfect fit for your event without having to stress out about adding more to your To Do list. Here’s how it works every step of the way.

Ideation and Engineering

Everything starts with an idea. To get the ball rolling, clients give us a brief or information about the event or brand activation they’re planning, and we get to work.

Depending on the complexity of your campaign, we provide UX design, wireframes, renders, and any elements that will go into the project. We want to make sure everything aligns with your vision before development work begins.

Software Development

We use productized experiences that are quick and easy to execute for all of our clients. Using easy-to-replicate solutions, we can serve a wide range of clients and use cases without going through an intensive, time-consuming process. Even when it comes to Augmented Reality activations, we use a codebase that can be repurposed for other activations on our displays, saving time and money.

Our software solutions have wide-ranging capabilities for just about any use case, including brand and marketing activations, outdoor and out-of-home advertising, gamification experiences, Augmented Reality, interactive wayfinding, payment processing, projection mapping, self-serve kiosks, photo kiosks, check in, and more.

Rather than focus on one-off solutions, we create solutions that can quickly be replicated and deployed for any client.

Integration and Logistics

When it comes to the installation phase and getting our digital signage to your venue or event, you’ll notice the huge difference BIG Digital’s process makes.

Other video wall rentals have extensive labour requirements to build on-site. You need custom, on-site engineer certification every time you want to put up a video wall. They require a truss, ballast, fabric covers, and exposed cabling. Not only is it expensive and unreliable, but the end-product is unattractive and distracting from your real message.

Our indoor and portable outdoor signage makes all of those logistics problems disappear. Here’s how it works:

  • Rent or purchase the right billboard or digital signage solution that fits your business and events.
  • Our products have a patented pocket built-in for ease of transport.
  • A pump/pallet truck is used to move the product and drop it on-site.

It’s really that simple. You can check out this installation video to see just how easy it is. There are no permits necessary, no on-site construction, and our solutions are certified for winds of up to 160 kph. It looks good without any distracting trusses or cables, so people are paying attention to your message and brand. It’s a plug-and-play solution with sensors and software capable of delivering interactive experiences without any of the hassles you’re used to. It also means the tear-down is quick and painless.

24/7 Tech Support

Your events don’t stick to regular business hours, so why should our support? Our 24/7 tech support is always available in case you run into an issue. You can’t always wait until morning before you get your digital billboards back up and running. Just give us a call, and we’ll make sure everything is back up and running smoothly again.

Technology Rental and Sale

We offer flexibility with our solutions. You can rent or purchase our digital billboards to fit your needs. We often work with commercial landlords, retailers, venue managers, and hospitality businesses on permanent digital billboards for marketing, monetization, and wayfinding. But we can also make life easy if you’re in the market for a temporary solution, whether it’s for a one-off marketing event, pop up shop, or brand activation.

On-Site Crowd Analytics

When you invest in brand activation, you need results. On-site crowd analytics built into our digital billboards help you measure your success. Collect on-site crowd and engagement data in the real world, in real time. Our technology stack makes it easy to gather real-time analysis of foot traffic, dwell time, engagement, and visitor flow, so you know how your event is performing.

How Digital Billboards Help Brand Activations

We’ve worked with thousands of brands in all types of indoor and outdoor spaces, making digital billboards easier to integrate and creating one-of-a-kind experiences for your audience. Our plug-and-play signage helps us set up activations in any outdoor location. Our solutions are innovative, convenient, highly visible, and always memorable.

You don’t have to launch a car into space to get people to notice you. Successful brand activations connect with people on the ground. From projection mapping at iconic landmarks to interactive experiences at music festivals, we help bring your brand to life wherever, whenever. Check out some of our brand activation examples to see how digital billboards can transform your event.

Digital billboards bring so much to the table. If you’re in need of a unique experience that will help you connect with people, introduce new products, or strengthen brand loyalty, talk to us about creating that special moment between you and your audience. Our streamlined process from ideation to integration takes the headaches out of digital billboards.