Use Case Spotlight: Portable Digital & Interactive Billboards for Brand Sponsorships

July 14, 2022
Posted By: Big Digital

Festival season is back, and it’s in full swing. Outdoor concerts, street closures, music festivals, carnivals, charity bike rides, marathons, and other outdoor events are taking over city streets and parks across North America.

One thing all of these events have in common is that they are great opportunities for brand sponsorships. Event organizers rely on sponsorships to put on the best events possible. That gives marketing teams an opportunity to create experiential marketing experiences, brand activations, and in-person connections to generate awareness, launch new products, and expand their reach.

If you want to make the most of your sponsor activations, BIG Digital can support you with portable digital billboards that will make your activation come to life. BIG Digital portable billboards are vivid and impactful, and they’re ideal for outdoor use. They combine weatherproof toughness with interactivity, meaning you can have a big impact wherever you decide to deploy them. You can also turn a BIG Digital portable billboard into a digital kiosk serving customers and guests at events. They’re flexible, versatile, and easy to install.

Show True Value & Drive Awareness

Event organizers have a responsibility to show true value to their sponsors, while it’s the job of marketing teams to extend their reach and drive awareness through innovative Out-of-Home Advertising.

Great event planners start with interested brands in mind. They know that sponsorships are branding opportunities and that companies are looking for events and festivals that will align with their identity and attract the kind of people they want to sell to. When you plan with potential sponsors in mind, you can inquire about their needs and the kind of ROI they’re looking to see in exchange for the assets you’re willing to sell.

Portable digital billboards provide great value for sponsorship fulfillment. It’s easier to create visually dominant, impactful experiences that highlight your sponsors. Our digital billboards can also provide sponsors with the data you need to show true value, including number of impressions, the length of interactions, and visitor flow.

The best brand activations make an impact and prove their value. Portable digital billboards give you more assets and opportunities to make an impression on your attendees. Keep your sponsors happy, and you’ll be more likely to get them to sign on for next year’s event.

Create Domination Experiences to Elevate Sponsors

Your top sponsors are partners in your event. They make sure you have the resources to elevate your event while you make sure they get the most out of their investment. In addition to making sure you build a great relationship with their teams, you want to provide them with more bang for their buck.

Digital billboards can make domination experiences stand out. You have your choice of different types of billboards for your events. We’ll help you choose the hardware and the design that you need to elevate your top sponsors.

The activation is where it comes time to hold up your end of the sponsorship agreement. Make sure your top sponsors are integrated into all of your programming. Digital billboards help you mix essential communications for guests like programming and wayfinding with sponsorship activations.

Portable digital billboards are easy to install and go anywhere you need them to. Don’t let logistical obstacles stand between you and making your sponsors happy. Low installation costs will also help you stay on budget and make your sponsorship packages pay off. With BIG Digital billboards, there’s no need for on-site inspections or complicated structures. Our billboards are plug-and-play solutions, from the development phase to installation.

Brand sponsored portable digital billboard outside a Toronto Maple Leafs game

Create an Immersive Digital Experience

Sponsors taking an active role in events and festivals have a golden opportunity to build a personal relationship with attendees. You can now create immersive digital experiences in outdoor environments with our portable digital billboards.

We offer interactive display solutions that are compatible with outdoor environments. That means weatherproof, wind-resistant digital billboards with touch and gesture activation. You’re no longer limited by the outdoor environment.

An immersive digital experience can make use of gamification experiences, interactive sensors, or leverage QR codes to convert foot traffic into future leads.


Gamification and brand activations are an incredible match. The biggest challenge in experiential marketing is creating an experience that engages audiences and keeps them involved. The sky is the limit when it comes to creating thrilling gamification experiences, and some of the most memorable activations have transformed public settings with fun, innovative events.

A brand activation that does something fun and unique is going to leave a lasting impression. The goal of getting out into the public and actively engaging them is to create a memory and deepen a connection with your brand. Providing an unexpected jolt of fun at any event will capitalize on your sponsorship partnerships and cement your campaign in the minds of those you reach.

Interactive Sensors

Gesture control is a technology that allows people to interact with screens without touch. People are more conscious than ever about the sterility of surfaces, and leveraging gesture control is a great way to maintain an inclusive experience throughout.

Gesture control devices rely on interactive sensors or gesture recognition to detect and decipher movements. Not only does it make for a safer, cleaner interactive experience, but it opens the door to all kinds of fun experiences.

Interactive sensors and gesture control can be used in interactive displays for different industries, campaigns, and activations. Whatever your goals, they can be a great technology for promoting engagement and interactivity.

QR Codes

The return of the QR code is great news for marketers and sponsors who want to take advantage of a brief connection made through Out-of-Home advertising and turn it into a relationship. When people snap a QR code with their phone, they start interacting with your brand online.

A great way to leverage QR codes is to incorporate them into promotions or giveaways or enable people to use QR codes to get more detailed information.

Talk to us about renting portable digital billboards for your next event, whether you’re an event organizer looking for sponsorship fulfilment solutions or preparing for your next big brand activation.