Use Case Spotlight: Portable Digital & Interactive Billboards for Ad-Supported Networks

August 11, 2022
Posted By: Big Digital

Digital billboards and interactive billboards are the next generation of out-of-home advertising. They draw more attention than traditional billboards, and they’re more flexible and cost-effective as advertisers can update campaigns with a robust Content Management System and flexible playlists.

Portable digital billboards expand the environment for ad-supported networks, letting event marketers, organizers, and venues integrate their networks into a wider number of spaces. Improved technology such as interactivity and digital billboards made for the outdoors mean more options you can offer to advertisers.

BIG Digital’s portable digital billboards are widely used both indoors and outdoors for pop-up events, brand activations, commercial properties, venues, concerts, festivals, and more. Wherever you want to expand your ad-support network of billboards, BIG Digital can help.

Explore what portable digital billboards and interactive billboards can do to improve ad-supported networks in indoor and outdoor environments.

Powerful Campaigns: Beyond the Traditional Billboard

Interactivity has changed the game when you’re comparing traditional vs. digital billboards. BIG Digital is bringing motion, touch, and gesture interactivity to portable digital billboards built for both indoor and outdoor environments. The interactivity of digital activations gives brands that use digital billboards an undeniable edge when it comes to attracting attention and making a lasting impression.

Working with BIG Digital gives marketers and brands a major edge for their brand activations. Our portable, interactive digital billboards can be deployed in just about any environment. They’re weather-proof and withstand up to 160 KPH winds. You don’t have to worry about a turn in the weather damaging your portable digital billboards.

We also help brands design 100% unique, custom digital activations that reflect their creative vision with diverse options to activate your brand. Create an experience around gamification, Augmented Reality, or bold digital displays that will attract more foot traffic and expand your reach.

Portable digital billboards unlock the power of brands to drive engagement by going beyond the traditional out-of-home advertising campaign. It’s time to pursue innovative campaigns that go beyond the capabilities of the traditional billboard.

Drive Revenue with Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising has come to digital out-of-home advertising. Brands use programmatic advertising to buy digital ad space through software. It streamlines their ad buying process and allows them to use data to better target their campaigns. With more insight and control over where their advertising goes, they can drive impressions right where they want them.

While programmatic advertising has typically focused on online advertising, it’s increasingly finding a home in digital displays. Brands want more control over where their campaigns appear, and that now applies to the physical world, not just online.

Digital billboards are increasingly capable of collecting anonymized data about their traffic. It’s a phenomenon that’s even led to targeted digital billboard advertising that’s responsive to the people in the area and even environmental factors like the weather.

The amount of data available to advertisers and brands continues to grow, including web tracking, location tracking, and behavioral data. Meet the growing demand for more precise, data-driven campaigns in out-of-home environments.

BIG Digital portable billboards capture a wide range of important metrics and KPIs that can be shared with potential advertisers. These include crowd statistics like traffic volume and exposure, heat mapping technology to help visualize engagement throughout an area, dwell times, conversion rates, and even soft demographic information.

Brands are seeking out more precise data than ever. Ad-supported networks need to deliver the information top brands want in order to drive revenues through programmatic advertising.

The Rolo portable digital billboard.

Monetize Any Indoor or Outdoor Environment or Event

Your network can go anywhere with the help of portable digital billboards. Digital billboards are no longer limited to indoor spaces, including those with interactive features like touch and motion control.

Indoor digital billboards open the door to monetizing just about any space through advertising. They can be deployed in concert halls, sports stadiums, transit hubs, high traffic corridors, Privately-Owned-Public spaces, office buildings, shared spaces in condo buildings like elevators and lobbies, hotel lobbies, and all kinds of event venues.

Portable digital billboards allow digital monetization without having to go through complex installations, lengthy permitting processes, or engineer inspections, even for pop-up events and in outdoor environments. The simplicity of our billboard solutions means even in an outdoor environment like a concert or festival, and you can quickly get your network up and running in no time, letting you focus on the more important task of organizing your event.

Create Flexible Playlists for Third-Party Advertisers & Partners

Advertisers, venue managers, and event organizers often need to merge their messaging with third-party advertising campaigns, partners, and sponsors. Portable digital billboards give them the flexibility they need to adapt and update their playlists to combine in-house communications with the needs of their partners.

Traditional billboards and advertising are costly to replace every time those partners or their campaigns change. Digital billboards make updating your sponsorship activations and third-party programming simple and cost-effective just by updating your playlist.

You can also create playlists that seamlessly integrate wayfinding solutions, public communications, programming information, and any other in-house messaging you need to relay without detracting from your sponsors and event partners.

While ad-supported networks rely on partners and sponsors to generate revenue, many operators still need a clear and impactful way to communicate directly with audiences, shoppers, guests, and anyone who might be nearby.

There are increasing demands on venue organizers to make sure safety protocols and emergency procedures are clearly communicated to attendees. There’s greater awareness of the need to communicate public health directives and recommendations to the general public, while there is also an increasing need for clear and intuitive wayfinding messaging.

Portable digital billboards and interactive billboards are the future of out-of-home advertising. Work with BIG Digital when you’re ready to digitalize your ad-supported network, drive more revenue through programmatic advertising, monetize indoor or outdoor spaces, and move beyond the limits of the traditional billboard. Our turn-key, plug and play solutions will have your new network up and running in no time, wherever you need it.