Use Case Spotlight: Portable Digital & Interactive Billboards for Promotions

June 3, 2022
Posted By: Big Digital
Portable digital billboard outside Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena

We’ve helped our clients put portable digital billboards to work in dozens of industries for countless uses and campaigns. They’re a flexible, impactful tool for brands, marketing agencies, event producers, retailers, property managers, venue owners, transportation operators, and so many more.

In this Use Case Spotlight, we’re focusing on how portable digital and interactive billboards can be used for promotional campaigns that generate buzz and turn audiences into customers. They extend the digital communication reach of brands, event producers, and others in real time, and can drive the ROI and profitability of a campaign.

Successful promotional strategies aren’t just one-off business generators. They help long-term growth, introduce new customers to your brand, and transform them into long-term customers.

Before they can do all that, your campaign needs attention. That’s where portable digital billboards play their part. They bring a suite of capabilities to transform your next out-of-home advertising campaign.

The Most Portable Digital Billboard Ever

Working with BIG Digital means access to the easiest-to-deploy, most portable digital billboards available. We can place digital billboards in destinations no one else can, making it easier for brands and marketers to extend their reach anywhere, anytime.

Contests & Promotions

Giveaways and contests remain an effective strategy for raising brand awareness. It’s a way to reward customers, get people excited, and boost your brand’s profile. They can be as simple as giving away free products, or they can involve partnering with other organizations, such as concerts and festivals, and giving away huge experiences.

Brands tend to turn to social media for contest engagement. It’s a great launching point and cost-effective for smaller companies, but sticking to social media can restrict you to people who are already familiar and fans of your brand.

If you’re looking for great brand activation ideas, live and in-person contests and giveaways create fun, unexpected experiences out in public. They give you the opportunity to connect with people who don’t yet know about your brand.

Portable digital billboards and social media campaigns don’t have to be mutually exclusive, either. You can easily integrate social content onto a digital display or leverage content generated from live events on your social media feeds.

Portable digital billboards are more than just a way to get noticed when you go out into the world with a contest or giveaway. With BIG Digital, you can deploy an interactive digital signage display inside or outside, opening up opportunities to gamify your giveaway in any way you can imagine.

BIG Digital technology is designed for all types of interactive experiences that create memorable campaigns, including touch and touchless interactivity, gamification experiences, sponsored activations, and more. Get in touch with your next campaign ideas, and we’ll find the digital billboard solution for you.

Seasonal Promotions and Pop Up Campaigns

Seasonal promotions and pop up campaigns help brands refresh their message and stay relevant throughout the year. Whether you need our portable digital billboards for a day or for a year, we work with you on A/B testing and creating data-centric campaigns that will help you adapt your message. Connect with your target audience in the right place, at the right time.

Touchless Interactivity

Touchless interfaces are becoming the new gold standard in interactive billboard technology. People have become more germ-conscious than ever before and have a high appreciation for screens that don’t require direct contact. Consumers increasingly want a touchless environment, but that doesn’t mean an end to interactivity.

Gesture-enabled interactive digital billboards provide a safer, more sterile way to navigate interfaces, and they open up new opportunities for gamification and interactive experiences. Portable digital billboards can enhance your activation or become the centerpiece around which you plan your whole campaign.

Display QR Codes

The QR code has made a surprise comeback, and that’s opened up an opportunity for marketers. After the QR code’s initial rise in the early 2010s, it never really reached widespread use. However, smartphone usage wasn’t quite as ubiquitous at the time.

Today, people are refamiliarizing themselves with QR codes as restaurants and retailers have increasingly turned to them to speed things up, cut down on costs, and provide safer in-person experiences.

Combined with outdoor or indoor digital billboards, QR codes are your way of turning a brief connection into a lasting one. While your digital billboard creates an opportunity to get their attention about a promotion, they can quickly snap a QR code and walk away with all the information they need to enter a contest.

QR codes are a tool that lets audiences keep your brand in their pocket. It turns a fleeting moment out in public into a chance to further engage with you.

Portable digital billboard featuring QR code capabilities

Extend Your Reach with Out-of-Home Advertising

In-home advertising is a pillar of any marketing campaign. Depending on a brand’s strategy and budget, it may target TV, radio, online, or print, and it lays the groundwork for familiarity with a brand. However, in-home advertising is often the easiest to block out and ignore, usually because there’s just so much of it, and people have all the means in the world to use ad-blockers, change the channel, or walk away. The over-saturation of digital marketing has impacted the ROI.

That’s why it’s important to diversify your campaign and launch an OOH campaign. People are rediscovering the world beyond their homes, and it’s the perfect environment to grab their attention. Your OOH campaign is out in the world and always on. Whether people notice while they’re on public transit, waiting in line for their favorite brunch spot, or meeting their friends in a public square, they’re in a mindset where they’re more curious and ready to be engaged. Most importantly, they’re not actively being bombarded by internet ads all across their screens.

Digital billboards give your campaign a real-life element. It’s a digital communication experience that’s always on, ready to get noticed.

A portable digital billboard displaying a promotional campaign for a national beer brand

Find The Right Type of Digital Billboard

There are many digital billboard types that take advantage of the OOH environment. Finding the right one for your environment and your campaign goals will make all the difference. When you work with BIG Digital, you have options for rentals, indoor vs. outdoor, interactive displays, digital kiosks, payment processing, and more.

Talk to us about your vision for your next real-life digital communication experience. We make sure you have the right hardware and design solutions to make the most of your campaign.

Promotions are a way of getting consumers to participate. So many marketing campaigns don’t ask anything more of the consumer than to be a passive audience, and that makes it so much easier to ignore or forget all about the experience. Bringing your promotional campaign into the real world with out-of-home advertising is more effective than ever with the help of portable and interactive digital billboards.