Video & Animation Use Case Spotlight: The Value of Video and Animated Content in Advertising

June 12, 2023
Posted By: Big Digital
ROLO portable digital billboard rolled out for a concert at Budweiser Stage

Video and animation are crucial to the success of a good marketing campaign. Marketing studies show that video ads generate 48% higher sales rates than static image ads and increase engagement.

The power of video isn’t limited just to online advertising. With the growth of Digital Out-of-Home advertising powered by the growing availability of digital billboards, you can leverage the power of video animation in marketing out in the real world. Target consumers on-site or in specific locations with video marketing strategies designed to drive engagement and improve sales.

Why Video Marketing Is Important

Video marketing is any kind of video content used to promote your brand, increase engagement, and target audiences that are traditionally more receptive to video than text. Video marketing has become increasingly important across platforms, from the online landscape to Out-of-Home advertising. The benefits of video marketing are clear: increased engagement and higher sales rates.

With the help of portable digital signage, these are some of the ways you can use video and animated content to support your marketing strategy.

Pop Up Communications

Using ad-supported networks of digital signage is a great way to get your message where customers are. This means getting your campaign into malls, stadiums, high-traffic public places, events, festivals, brand activations, and more.

Video ads can be integrated into digital signage networks that provide wayfinding signage, advertising, programming, and other information. It’s a great way to get your message seen by a diverse range of audiences depending on the context of the location.

Dynamic Content for Messaging

Video advertising tells a story in a way that static images simply can’t. Take for example BIG Digital’s installation for the new Maserati Grecale. The installations featured dynamic content of the Maserati Grecale on double-sided portable digital billboards. Video of the car in action and out in the world was more effective in telling a complete story.

Geo-Target Your Ads Based on Location

Geo-targeting ads go beyond mobile and digital advertising. Digital displays out in the world are a huge opportunity to take advantage of the context of a particular location. There are several ways you can make the most of digital advertising in the real world:

  • Build trust by including useful information on site-specific billboards, such as weather, news, directions, or recommendations. Breaking up advertising with informative content gives audiences more reasons to pay attention.
  • Beacon technology allows digital displays to recognize mobile devices when they come within range and pull information on that customer’s database. The beacon can then send push notifications through your apps and continue the audience’s relationship with your brand.
  • Tailor your ads to the specifics of the site. If you’re hosting a brand activation at an event, theming your ads around the event is a great idea. You can also customize ads on displays to fit the city, neighbourhood, or another geographic context of where your display is situated.

Geo-targeting can be a fun and unexpected way to tailor your message for your next brand activation or any on-site campaign.

Use Different Video Files

Flexibility is the name of the game when you use digital billboards. You can program a large number of video ads and even unique experiences like marketing gamification on a single display. The ability to switch between messages and campaigns based on the time of day, season, or even the weather makes video marketing more responsive to real-world context.

BIG Digital signage install for the new Grecela Maserati

Use Portable Digital Billboards to Share Video Content

Portable digital billboards have brought the power of digital advertising into the real world. Eye-tracking research shows that mobile digital ads largely get ignored by consumers. The average time spent looking at mobile ads is only 1.42 seconds.

When you want your campaign to get noticed, you need to go beyond mobile and In-Home advertising. People are more attentive to ads in their surrounding environment than on their personal screens, where they’ve become accustomed to skipping over ad content. Successful video marketing

Arenas and Stadiums: Indoor Digital Billboards

You have a huge range of options for indoor digital billboards that can be deployed at arenas, stadiums, and conferences, including interactive touch displays, self-service kiosks, gamification experiences, and more. Indoor digital billboards are great solutions for arenas, stadiums concert venues, and convention centers. Indoor video marketing and animation can take advantage of large congregations or waiting areas, providing visual interest that will draw more attention your way.

Activations and Outdoor Events: Outdoor Digital Billboards

No one does outdoor digital billboards like BIG Digital. We have the industry’s only portable digital billboards that you can place anywhere with 100% confidence in the security and safety of your displays. You don’t have to take on any of the risks when you set up outdoor digital billboards, as BIG Digital takes on all of the indemnity when you rent our displays. Our battery-powered displays don’t need cords and are purpose-built to handle movement and vibration. They can also be used for interactive experiences using gesture control technology.

Incorporate our outdoor digital billboards into your brand activation strategies, sponsored tailgate parties, golf tournaments, and open-air sports events. Bring video marketing and animation to support your activation campaign where you’re located, including outdoor events. Golf courses can deploy outdoor digital billboards as communications infrastructure, to display partner ads and sponsorships, and to generate higher sales.

In addition to the best hardware in the industry for outdoor usage, our team also provides expertise in software and content, including true turn-key solutions to support your next campaign.


Trade shows and conferences are great environments for portable digital billboards. It’s hard to stand out on the crowded conference floor, and portable digital billboards can make a critical difference. One of the benefits of video marketing is getting more attention in a crowded environment. Don’t let static marketing materials ruin your chance to get noticed at your next conference. Go big and draw a crowd!

Installations & Out-of-Home Advertising

Permanent or temporary billboard installations and Out-of-Home advertising can be a workhorse of your marketing campaign. Display networks in outdoor, retail, and recreational environments help you connect with audiences and sway their purchasing decisions in real time.

Video and animation are great marketing tools that open up dynamic messaging, brand storytelling, and a chance to get more attention than static ads. Use video marketing wherever you go with the support of portable digital billboards.