Wayfinding Use Case Spotlight: What Eye Level Portable Digital Wayfinding Signage Can Do for Your Business

January 2, 2024
Posted By: Big Digital
Digital wayfinding deployed at an outdoor music festival

Great wayfinding can make a huge difference for malls, department stores, concert venues, sports arenas, festivals, events, commercial buildings, and public markets. Clear, communicative wayfinding signage makes sure that your customers, guests, and workers know where to go. Better wayfinding solutions can improve customer satisfaction, efficiency, and revenues.

Plus, upgrading to portable digital wayfinding signage can also open up whole new opportunities for your wayfinding solutions.

What Do You Need Eye Level Digital Wayfinding?

Too often, wayfinding signage winds up placed overhead or in inconvenient places where visitors, customers, workers, and guests can struggle to find it. This can cause confusion, frustration, unnecessary delays, and plenty of lost opportunities for making the most of your wayfinding signage.

Eye level signage, placed about 140 cm to 160 cm (or 4’5” to 5’2”) off the ground, is in the normal sightline of most viewers. It should be recognizable and legible from a distance and help people anticipate their next move, whether that’s finding the direction they need to go or interacting with the signage itself.

Eye level placement isn’t the only factor in optimizing your wayfinding. Signage should be positioned at key decision points to point people in the right direction, as well as on long paths where it can be used to reassure people that they’re going in the right direction.

One of the advantages of portable digital billboard rentals is that you can easily move them from one location to another. If you have an event that you want to bring attention to or that requires you to change the layout of the store, your wayfinding signage is easy to update. You can also make adjustments to your initial wayfinding system if you find there are improvements to be made, such as better locations for signage.

How Digital Billboards for Wayfinding Change the Game

As a leader in portable digital billboards and interactive experiences, BIG Digital helps you build your own Digital Out-of-Home network, giving you 100% share of voice and generating new revenue streams by adding advertising space. We enable the world to communicate in real life, anyplace, any time, with battery-enabled, industrial strength, turn-key digital billboard solutions. Find out how creating your own digital billboard network with wayfinding solutions can benefit your business.

#1 Interactive Maps

Static maps have been a staple of wayfinding, but they’ve always been confusing and hard to navigate. Interactive maps can help guests quickly look up where it is in a store, mall, commercial, or institutional building and find the best route to their destination. Interactive maps can be zoomed in to find out more details or zoomed out to get a better context of the building as a whole.

Indoor mapping technology has accelerated rapidly over recent years, with platforms like Google offering detailed information like how busy a place is in real-time. However, they haven’t perfected the art of indoor mapping, and your own interactive maps can be a huge draw – helping you deliver other information alongside your wayfinding. We’ll get into the details of those opportunities, which include things like out of home advertising and real time communications, further down.

QR code connects to an interactive map at the CNE

#2 GPS Functions

A growing number of technologies like beacons, Bluetooth positioning, and Wifi positioning are enabling indoor positioning systems that function like GPS for indoor environments. For outdoor environments like concerts, festivals, and open-air sports arenas, connecting wayfinding solutions to GPS can guide guests through large and complex areas, directing them to their seats, the right stage, or to the services and facilities they’re looking for.

Indoor GPS can help visitors navigate complex indoor environments, such as multilevel malls and commercial buildings, and it can allow property managers and operators to collect anonymized data on traffic flows to identify new opportunities and understand their buildings.

Portable digital billboards can connect to a wide range of technologies that simplify wayfinding and help your customers navigate. QR code integration lets visitors connect to your wayfinding technologies on their mobile devices.

#3 Real Time Updates

A real time communications network is critical for operating a safe commercial building, institutional building, event space, or outdoor festival. Real time updates allow operators to communicate everything from weather updates to public health messages. Network operators can keep guests and customers informed about what to do in an emergency or make sure they know about the latest promotions and upcoming events.

Whatever you need to communicate can be incorporated into digital wayfinding signage. With the right layout, you can communicate multiple messages at once, providing useful wayfinding, real time updates, and advertising without disrupting the flow of information.

#4 Green Feeds

Businesses can also deploy messaging designed to influence consumer behavior. Green Feeds are a great way to get sustainability messaging across and encourage consumers to reduce waste, opt for more sustainable purchases, choose reusable bags, and engage in other green initiatives.

#5 Drive Revenue

One of the best opportunities opened up by migrating your wayfinding network to eye level portable digital billboards is new revenue opportunities. An easy win is incorporating advertising feeds into your network, immediately generating revenue from your wayfinding and communications network.

For commercial properties, start with tenants seeking more advertising opportunities that will drive foot traffic to their storefronts.

Businesses can also use portable digital billboards as part of their experiential marketing campaigns, whether they’re in-store or on location. Portable digital billboards are easy to rent and set up for in-store activations that need a way to draw in foot traffic or add an interactive element like gamification marketing or Augmented Reality.

#6 Interactive Kiosks

The interactive kiosk is another effective way to drive revenue and help push products or introduce new products to your customers. Interactive kiosks come in several forms, such as the Lift-and-Learn kiosk. The Lift-and-Learn encourages customers to pick up one of several products, triggering a digital display that shows product information, Calls-to-Action, or other messaging. Displays can easily show CTAs that encourage customers to engage and try new products.

#7 Easy Installation

When you’re changing your network, BIG Digital makes installation simple. Our portable digital billboards are designed for movement and vibration and take very little to set up. They’re battery-enabled and can be placed anywhere without creating an accessibility issues due to cords. Get eye level digital wayfinding in a flash.

Eye level digital wayfinding solutions offer so much more than just better wayfinding – although they also get more attention and offer more advanced navigation techniques like interactive maps and GPS position tracking. They can also integrate advertising, interactivity, and real time communications into your network.