Why BIG Digital Is a Leader in Portable Digital Billboards and Interactive Experiences

March 9, 2023
Posted By: Big Digital
BIG Digital portable digital billboards at a Sobeys XM activation.

What makes BIG Digital an industry leader in portable digital billboards and interactive experiences? We help our clients connect to their audiences by extending their digital communication reach into the real world. It’s our combination of turn-key service and technology solutions that surpasses the competition, gives us our edge, and drives our clients’ return on investments.

BIG Digital’s portable digital billboards push the boundaries of what current technology can do. They’re innovative, convenient, and offer so much more than the competition. When you work with BIG Digital, this is the edge you get.

#1 Eye Level Marketing: Our Portable Digital Billboards Are “In Your Face”

Successful electronic outdoor signage draws attention no matter what kind of environment it’s in. Our portable digital billboards put your message right at eye level.

Marketing at eye level gets more attention than elevated or top-of-building signage. Eye level is the ideal position for promotional signage, making it the right position for retail, activations, and events happening in the moment.

Eye-level portable digital billboards are 325% more effective than traditional billboards located on top of buildings or otherwise elevated. They’re better at capturing foot traffic for live events and activations, as well as pushing promotions, delivering real-time messaging, and acting as digital wayfinding signs.

Make sure your message gets noticed with eye level marketing.

#2 Advertising Anywhere: No Cords or Construction Required

Outdoor activations are no sweat for our portable digital billboards. Not only are they weather-rated for all kinds of conditions, but they require no cords and no construction. When you’re running outdoor brand activations, you need flexibility and freedom.

Our portable digital billboards have high-capacity batteries that let you run them for hours on end without a power source. While the competitors require cords and come with limited placement options, our digital billboards go where you need them.

Your focus should be on finding the perfect location, not trying to figure out where you can put a generator or how you’re going to get extension cords to the nearest power supply.

Don’t forget about portability. Ours are the only outdoor portable digital billboards in the world. Other outdoor digital billboards need to be certified by a structural engineer, and they come with no indemnity. You’re taking on all the risk, and that comes with expensive insurance. BIG Digital provides indemnity and takes on all the risk. You can place our outdoor digital billboards with 100% confidence in their security and safety.

#3 Move and Relocate Anytime, Anywhere

Our portable digital billboards are purpose-built for mobility. They’re made for rentals or for campaigns where you’re going to regularly move them from one point to another. It’s what makes them perfect for touring brand activations that travel from city to city or target multiple locations in a short period of time.

Our portable digital billboards have industrial-strength design, purpose-built for movement and vibration. We’ve applied more than 20 years of experience building high-quality, durable digital billboards that can go anywhere on short notice.

While other digital billboards are prone to breaking when you move them and were designed to be placed once and left as a permanent installation, BIG Digital focuses on mobility and quick setup.

BIG Digital Gamification Experience on an Indoor Digital Billboard to get attention at a conference

#4 Be Your Own Headliner: Run 100% of Your Content on Your Screens

When you’re running an activation or promotion, you want the focus to be on your message. Having control of your Digital Out-of-Home assets changes the game and opens up new opportunities for your campaign.

You’re not just limited to promotional advertising when you rent or buy your own portable digital billboards. You can run content like real-time messaging, integrate video or digital assets like social media feeds, and even incorporate a gamification experience to enhance your activation.

You can tailor your Digital Out-of-Home advertising to the moment and put the spotlight on your own brand.

#5 Own Your Own Digital Out-of-Home Assets

When you run an Out-of-Home marketing campaign with a media company that owns its own OOH assets, you usually wind up sharing media time with other brands. You’re paying to get your campaign into high-volume public places with fixed Digital Out-of-Home assets, from public squares to malls and stadiums. You’re only capturing a segment of the traffic that happens to be in the right place at the right time.

When you own your own Digital Out-of-Home assets, it’s 100% your messaging 100% of the time. Owning digital billboards makes a lot of sense for retailers, property managers, and marketers who regularly run activations for clients.

In addition to using digital signage for wayfinding, promotions, and communications infrastructure, retailers, property managers, and institutions can use portable digital billboards as digital kiosks. Digital kiosks can be used for lift-and-learn campaigns, donations, self check-in, and even self-serve with payment processing options. Use portable digital billboards to push more interactions with potential customers and turn impressions into conversions.

How Does BIG Digital Compare to the Competition?

When it comes to the competition, BIG Digital has some major advantages. These are just some of the key factors that make our portable digital billboards stand out.


Ours are the world’s only true portable digital billboards. Other DOOH products are not portable in outdoor environments and put all of the risk on you. BIG Digital provides full indemnity, something no one else can offer.


Our indoor portable digital billboards are touch-enabled, but that’s not where interactivity ends. Gesture control technology enables outdoor portable digital billboards to offer the same immersive experiences and interactivity as indoor environments, something the competitors haven’t caught up to.

Long-Term Warranty

BIG Digital offers a 3-year standard warranty, and we’re a local, North American company that you can depend on. Most competitors only offer 1-year warranties and can’t process or enforce warranty claims.

Software and Experiences

You’re getting more than hardware when you work with BIG Digital. We work closely with our clients to provide turn-key software and content solutions, including truly unique experiences.

Strategy and ROI

Our team works closely with clients to ideate campaigns that will maximize ROI and functionality. Competitors don’t have the expertise to help you monetize your campaign and maximize value over the long term.

Start your Digital Out-of-Home network with BIG Digital. Our purpose-built indoor and outdoor portable digital billboards will extend your reach and make your next campaign come to life.